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A Hudson Valley Injury Attorney Shares 3 Signs You've Picked The Wrong Lawyer July 27, 2016

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A Hudson Valley Injury Attorney Shares 3 Signs You've Picked The Wrong Lawyer, Beacon, New York

Choosing the wrong lawyer to represent you can have a devastating impact on the success of your case.  Based in Beacon, New York, Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. offers quality legal representation as an injury and criminal defense lawyer to clients throughout the Hudson Valley region. Attorney DeFazio understands how important it is to have a skilled, proactive attorney working on a case—giving you the attention you deserve!

Here he discusses three signs you’ve selected the wrong lawyer to represent you:

  • You Don't Feel Heard & Validated: Central to every case is the client’s need to feel heard and validated; in short, every client deserves respect. If you encounter an attorney who seems to have little time for your concerns or brushes off the details of your case, you may have picked the wrong person to be your legal voice. This creates a deeply embedded mistrust, and you'll likely feel your lawyer isn't working for your best interests.
  • injury attorneyThey Don’t Call You Back Or Answer Your Emails: A hallmark of selecting the wrong lawyer is the impossibility of reaching them or having them return your calls in a timely manner. Your injury attorney at Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. guarantees that you will be called back on the same business day. In fact, you will always speak with him directly and not get shuffled around among other staff members or attorneys.
  • Your Attorney Is Unfamiliar With Your Case's Practice Area: Every legal case falls under a specific practice area. For instance, at Anthony DeFazio Law P.C., Attorney DeFazio focuses his services primarily as a criminal defense and injury attorney. If your lawyer is not familiar with the practice area under which your case qualifies, it could result in an unprofessional, uninformed legal strategy. Always ask beforehand if your lawyer has specific experience in your type of case.

Call Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. at (845) 471-1821 to schedule a consultation with the criminal defense and injury attorney today. You can be confident that you're enlisting the help of an experienced, trusted lawyer for your personal injury claim or criminal defense. Let Attorney DeFazio guide you through these delicate legal matters with respect, accessibility, and experience.

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