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Bravo Builders, LLC Hekps You Understand The Unseen Dangers of Superstorms August 14, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean County
Bravo Builders, LLC Hekps You Understand The Unseen Dangers of Superstorms, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Throughout New Jersey, you can still the signs left by Hurricane Sandy.

Bravo Builders, LLC has been working tirelessly to not only restore your home to its former glory, but to improve upon the past.

The building restoration specialists have worked on homes all over the region renovating, remodeling and in some cases, building new custom homes.

If your home has been damaged by Hurricane Sandy or any other form of extreme weather, it's important to know that some damage goes deeper than what the eye can see.

Mold Damage

Mold is not easily detected as it likes dark places. If your home is in an area affected by flooding, you'll want to inspect places like basements with wood that was exposed to water. Even if your home wasn't directly in the flood zones, sometimes simple exposure to moisture can cause mold blooms.

Foundation/Structural Damage

Shifting earth, like that which occurs during floods or earthquakes, can also shift the earth that the foundation of your home is built on. Sometimes shifts of only an inch can cause catastrophic damage in the base of your house. If that happens, hairline fractures can soon grow into gaping rents, leaving your home unstable.


During Hurricane Sandy, many small electrical fires broke out. Some outside the home, caused by fallen power lines, and some inside the home by faulty wires or other instances caused by the storm. However, after the wallpaper has been put back up and charred beams have been replaced, soot trapped in your home's structure can still cause damage. Soot weakens structural beams and although it may take a long time, its slow burn is just as damaging.

Bravo Builders, LLC knows where to look for the signs of non-visible storm damage. What's more, they know how to fix it. If you live anywhere near the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, it is worth the time to call them. Their expertise in restoring damaged areas and for renovating the simply out-of-date is well-know. Call today: (732) 475-6127 for more information.

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