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Create a Memorable Event With Stage Rigging From Hawaii's Experts August 4, 2016

Honolulu, Honolulu
Create a Memorable Event With Stage Rigging From Hawaii's Experts , Honolulu, Hawaii

The kind of equipment you use can make all the difference in the world for your event, whether it's a concert, sports competition, or trade show. Hawaii Stage and Lighting Rentals, based in Honolulu, has been handling stage rigging in the entertainment industry since 1976, so they know the equipment that works best for each occasion. They carry a wide selection of rigging, trusses, hoists, and slings, so you can set your stage any way you like.

While these things establish the scene, lighting is what truly sets the tone. The right combination of lights can create a mood, then shift it when necessary in whatever emotional direction you choose. Hawaii Stage and Lighting Rentals carries conventional lighting equipment, as well as moving lights and LEDs, so you have a range of options.

Honolulu-stage-riggingWith so much variety, many musicians and performers are eager to utilize lighting in their acts. With the right lighting rental, a small band can seem to fill the stage, appearing larger than life. With the right timing and appropriate spotlighting, lights can prevent a large performance group from looking crowded onstage. If you're unsure what types of lighting will work best, or which equipment you will need, the stage-rigging experts at Hawaii Stage and Lighting Rentals will be happy to advise you.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii Stage & Lighting Rentals has two additional warehouse locations, in Kahului on Maui, and in Kawaihae on the Big Island. Wherever you are in Hawaii, you will have access to the best stage-rigging equipment to make any event special. To get what you need, call Hawaii Stage & Lighting Rentals at (808) 831­-0333. You also can contact them through their website, where you can preview their rental inventory.