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5 ACT & SAT Prep Tips From Crawford Academics August 3, 2016

Bernards, Somerset
5 ACT & SAT Prep Tips From Crawford Academics, Bernards, New Jersey

During the summer months, students might not want to think about the impending school year. Things like getting homework help and doing SAT prep are far from their minds, but getting a head start can make all the difference. Crawford Academics in Basking Ridge, NJ, offers summer test prep boot camps to help students prepare for fall.

College preparation exams are essential for students who want to attend college. Test prep services like those at Crawford Academics help students become savvy test takers by teaching them valuable test-taking skills along with content review. 

Thinking of taking the SAT or ACT early this fall? Here are some tips from Crawford Academics to help you do your best:

  • Leave Unknowns Blank...Sometimes: College preparation tests typically take away points for wrong answers, which is why many students know to leave blank the questions they do not know. However, if you can narrow down the choices to two or three options, it is in a student’s best interest to guess. 
  • Prepare Your Mind & Body: Preparing ahead of time through practice exams and test prep courses is always a great strategy. The ACT and SAT boot camps at Crawford Academics are offered throughout August. Additionally, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast so you feel physically prepared to take a four to five hour exam.
  • test prep servicesKnow What Subjects Matter: Not all math concepts are covered on the SAT, which is why it is best to focus on algebra I and geometry. When it comes to the verbal section, students should brush up on their grammar, as this is often overlooked in high school curriculum. 
  • Focus On Essay Content: While spelling and grammar are an important aspect of the essay portion of the SAT, the student’s content hold greater weight. Students should focus on answering the question and supporting their argument with details rather than fretting over comma splices and the occasional misspelled word.
  • Make The Most Of Each Minute: You only get so much time for each section on the ACT and SAT. If you find yourself with extra time at the end, go back and review your answers, making sure you responded to every question. If you left a question blank, be sure you skipped it on the answer form. 

In addition to their premium SAT prep services, Crawford Academics also provides general tutoring services in math and language arts. Let their experienced tutors help your student reach their full potential. Visit them online on Facebook and their website, and call (908) 647-9320 today to learn more about this amazing tutoring center.

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