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Prevent Shoplifting With These Tips From a Security Service August 12, 2014

Downtown-Penn Quarter-Chinatown, Washington
Prevent Shoplifting With These Tips From a Security Service, Washington, District Of Columbia

Employee or customer theft can have a huge impact on your bottom line, which is why it’s important to know how to best prevent shoplifting from happening. The best way to prevent shoplifting is with trained security guard services. Having a security guard present not only is helpful when shoplifting occurs, but it also deters shoplifting in the first place. A security guard from Trust Security Services is the most effective method to protect your store. 

It is also helpful to make sure that you and your employees know what to look for to prevent shoplifting. Here are some signs of a potential shoplifter:

  • Wandering Customers: Shoplifters often wander around the store to stake out their options and decide how to commit the crime. If someone is wandering around excessively without buying anything, they may be planning to shoplift.
  • Lingering Customers: Shoplifters will hang around the store longer than the average customer while they try to execute the crime while appearing nonchalant. They will especially linger in areas that aren’t as easily monitored by employees, like corners and sections far from the register.
  • Hyper-alert Customers: Many shoplifters will exhibit physical signs such as nervousness or avoiding eye contact with employees. They may also keep tabs on the employees and other customers so that they know where is everyone is when they commit the crime.

While these signs may make it easier to spot a shoplifter, the best way to deal with a potential threat is with a security guard. Protect your store and your profits with security services from Trust Security Services by visiting the security company online.

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