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What Qualifies as Discrimination? Experienced Civil Rights Lawyers Explain August 4, 2016

Juneau, Juneau
What Qualifies as Discrimination? Experienced Civil Rights Lawyers Explain, Juneau, Alaska

Under federal and state civil rights law, it is illegal to single out any individual with unfair treatment based on factors that are outside of their control, such as ethnic origin or age. While discrimination is most commonly associated with the workplace, certain classes of people are protected in a variety of situations, according to the employment attorneys at Choate Law Firm LLC. These lawyers, who have represented clients in Hawaii, Alaska, and California, are here to explain what situations may represent grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.

In general, people most often associate discrimination with race, but anti-discrimination laws against unfair treatment cover a wide variety of characteristics. These include age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

discriminationSituations such as passing up or refusing to hire someone due to their religion or a disability may violate civil rights laws, but so do decisions about renting property or providing health care services. Due to decisions by the courts and legislatures, individuals and organizations are prohibited from making decisions based on protected characteristics concerning educational opportunities, employment, housing decisions, government services and zoning laws, and credit and lending.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of unfair treatment or discrimination, the most important step is to document everything, including specific comments made and other situations. Find out whether witnesses would be able to corroborate your version of events, then contact an experienced civil rights attorney immediately.

Depending on the state and municipality in which you live, you may have even greater protections than those afforded by federal law. No matter what kind of discrimination you've suffered, the skilled attorneys at Choate Law Firm LLC in Juneau, AK, will help ensure that justice is served. Learn more about their national reputation and broad array of services online, and discuss your discrimination case by calling their office at (907) 586-4490 today. You can also find the legal team on Facebook.