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3 Oil Change Basics From Madison's Best Auto Repair Shop August 2, 2016

North Madison, Lake
3 Oil Change Basics From Madison's Best Auto Repair Shop, North Madison, Ohio

Oil changes are one of the most common maintenance tasks your vehicle needs, but not many drivers are aware of the details behind them. Madison Muffler and Auto provides professional, courteous auto repair service and expert workmanship for residents in Madison, OH. From check engine light repairs to tire replacements, this full-service auto repair shop will get you back on the road quickly and safely.

To understand the importance of oil changes, check out some of these basics from Madison Muffler and Auto:

  • Why You Need Them: Engine oil is needed to decrease the amount of friction and slightly cool the components inside of your engine. Without it, your car simply wouldn't run. Over time, small particles of dirt, dust, metal, coolant, and moisture find their way into your oil supply through the movements of your engine. These particles eventually turn into a sludge, made up of carbon, dirt, and oxidized oil. Oil changes remove this dirty oil and replace it with clean fluid.
  • How Often You Should Get Them: Many aspects factor into the frequency of your oil changes, including how much of your driving is done in the city or on the highway. City driving or driving anywhere with a lot of dust and debris will require your car to need an oil change about every 3,000 miles. Highway driving should only bring you to the mechanic every 5,000 miles. Living in an area that is extremely hot or cold could also cause you to need oil changes more frequently.
  • Oil ChangeHow Long They Take: An oil change requires the mechanic to raise the car up to a workable height, open the drain bolt, and allow the dirty oil to filter out before replacing it with new oil. The draining process is the longest aspect of the process and could take longer if your oil is particularly sludgy. Ultimately, the entire oil change should take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

The next time your vehicle needs an oil change, rely on Madison Muffler and Auto for fast, trusted service. Call this auto repair shop at (440) 428-2677, or visit the website for more information.