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3 DIY Garage Door Repair Tips to Try Before Calling a Professional August 2, 2016

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3 DIY Garage Door Repair Tips to Try Before Calling a Professional, Scott, Missouri

At Kelly's Garage Door Sales & Service, providing residents of South Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas with premium garage door repair and installation services is a top priority. Despite their respected emergency garage door service, these trained technicians know some issues are easy enough to solve without enlisting professional help. That’s why they’re here to offer customers some expert advice.

If you’ve run into a minor problem, try these three DIY garage door repair tips before deferring to Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service:

  • Your Garage Door Won’t Open: Have you ever found yourself rushing out the door only to discover your power is out? In most cases, this will prevent your garage door from opening at the usual touch of a button. To manually open the door, pull on the red override handle that hangs from the guide track and lift the door yourself.
  • Your Garage Door Won’t Lock: In order to stay locked and protect your vehicles and other belongings, garage doors make use of horizontal bars that move away from the door’s center into small openings along the door’s sides. If your garage door suddenly won’t lock, chances are these bars have shifted and can no longer fit into their assigned slots. Simply unscrew the brackets on the side of the door, then realign them with the locking bars and add a bit of lubricating oil to keep them in line.
  • garage door repairYour Garage Door Won’t Close: If your garage keeps lifting back up every time it hits the floor, turn to your garage door opener for a solution. Depending on the brand you have installed, there will be two setting screws or knobs on the side or back of the motor housing. Simply adjust these while lowering your garage door until it no longer sees your floor as an obstruction to rebound from.

If you have a question about any of these garage door repair tips, call Kelly's Garage Door Sales & Service at (417) 336-4381 today. You can visit their website for more information on their services, and find the company on Facebook.

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