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3 Great Tips to Make Enrollment in Medicare & Medicaid Easier August 1, 2016

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3 Great Tips to Make Enrollment in Medicare & Medicaid Easier, Greece, New York

If you are attempting to enroll in Medicare or Medicaid for the first time, you may find the process a bit perplexing. Fortunately, the compassionate professionals at Hurley Care Solutions have advice on how to make enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid a breeze. Serving Rochester, NY, and the neighboring areas for nearly a decade, this locally owned and operated business offers elder care planning services to help you live your best life as you age. Whether you need help completing your Medicaid application, or would like assistance with finding the best nursing home, put your trust in these caring experts.

Here they offer three tips to make enrollment in Medicare or Medicaid easier:

  • Rochester-NY-MedicareKnow Your Enrollment Period: Avoid additional charges or fees by enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid during your open enrollment period. Your open enrollment period begins three months prior to the month of your 65th birthday and continues three months after.
  • Understand The Types of Coverage: There are many components of coverage for Medicare and Medicaid, including insurance for hospital visits, physician appointments, and prescription drugs. Familiarize yourself with the different aspects of each plan before enrolling.
  • Keep Your Health Needs In Mind: Make sure your plan will cover your specific requirements. For instance, if you use several prescription drugs, or require frequent appointments to an optometrist, choose a health plan that will provide the most coverage for those particular expenses.

For elder care planning services that will maximize your quality of life during your golden years, rely on Hurley Care Solutions in Rochester. Call them at (585) 471-5239 to speak with one of their knowledgeable staff members about enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid, and visit them online for more information.