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5 Vital Questions to Ask the Paving Contractor August 4, 2016

Center, Pope
5 Vital Questions to Ask the Paving Contractor, Center, Arkansas

Is your driveway pale and stained? Does your parking lot have an unsightly crack running down the middle? Fortunately, specialists such as the team at CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction of Hector, AR, will have your decaying pavement in tip-top shape with a professional asphalt paving.

When the paving contractor comes for the estimate, here are five essential questions to ask:

5 Questions To Ask The Paving Contractor

1. How Long Has Your Company Been Paving?

The company's history will give you an idea of their experience level. A company with many years of experience is likely to provide a better-finished product than a recent start-up. Find out this information before you sign away your hard-earned money.

2. How Can You Guarantee The Job?

Each company will give you a scope of work document outlining what the project will entail. These can be confusing, so make sure the paving contractor has detailed the most important parts of the project and how he is going to complete them. Also, ask about hidden fees—it's important to verify that the agreed-upon price will be the final one. The business should also be licensed and insured.

3. What Other Projects Have You Completed In This Area?

Paving ContractorAny paving contractor worth their salt should answer this without hesitation—if they are good at what they do, they will be proud to show off their handiwork. Once they give you an address, drive over and see for yourself whether you like what they created.

4. What Challenges Will My Project Face?

Perhaps you see a simple cut-and-dry driveway sealing project, but the contractor sees a crack running the length of the pavement that will take extra effort to patch effectively. As in any relationship, communication is vital. Get on the same page as the paving team about possible curveballs the project might face.

5. Is Asphalt Or Concrete Best?

The paving contractor should be able to analyze the situation and determine whether asphalt or concrete is better suited for your driveway or street. They will recommend one and explain their rationale.

If you live in the Hector, AR, area and have an asphalt paving or repair job, consider CR Asphalt, Paving and Construction. They specialize in paving, seal coating, and crack sealing, and their high-quality workmanship extends to both residential and commercial properties. Give them a call at (479) 964-2744 or visit their website today for more information. 

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