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Fairport General Dentistry Office Explains How Nail Biting Can Affect Your Oral Health July 29, 2016

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Fairport General Dentistry Office Explains How Nail Biting Can Affect Your Oral Health, Perinton, New York

If you are a nail biter, you probably know what an addictive habit it can be. You are not alone. The American Psychiatric Association places nail biters among a group of people known as “pathological groomers,” which is now thought to be another mental health classification. When you habitually bite your nails, your grooming goes into overdrive, and you could actually end up hurting yourself. According to general dentistry clinic of David M Kramer, DDS in Fairport, NY, this harm extends to your oral health. 

You might think that nail biting only creates unflattering nails, but in reality, it causes a lot of damage to your teeth and gums. Here are just a few reasons why the general dentistry office suggests curbing this bad habit:

  • Causes Permanent Tooth Damage: When you constantly bite your nails, it puts a lot of stress on your front teeth. After a while, this stress could lead to cracked, chipped, or even worn-down teeth. You put your dental health at even greater risk if you bite your nails while wearing braces. As your teeth are already under increased pressure, habitually biting during this time puts you at an increased risk for developing tooth root resorption or tooth loss.
  • general-dentistry-fairport-nyPuts You At A Higher Risk Of Bruxism: Bruxism is the unintentional grinding or clenching of your teeth while sleeping. This action can lead to headaches, tooth sensitivity, facial pain, recessed gums, and tooth loss. Dental signs of bruxism include worn enamel, jaw popping or clicking, and tooth indentations on the tongue. 
  • Increases Chances Of Developing Gum Disease: Nail biting can create sore, torn, or damaged gum tissue, and in the long run, that can lead to gum disease. If you do not receive gum disease treatment from a dentist early on, it could even result in tooth loss. 

If you are having problems with nail biting, speak to a dentist at David M Kramer, DDS about efficient quitting methods for this habit. Schedule an appointment at the Fairport general dentistry clinic today by calling (585) 223-1980. You can also learn more about their dental services, such as gum disease treatment, by visiting their website.

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