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Mattress Pad or Protector? Discover Which One Provides the Comfort You’re Looking For July 29, 2016

Mason, Warren
Mattress Pad or Protector? Discover Which One Provides the Comfort You’re Looking For, Mason, Ohio

Old or lumpy mattresses can cause all sorts of back pain and muscle tightness, no matter your age. The solution? Purchase a completely new mattress or discover the variety of bedding products offered by the professionals at DOWNLITE. After years of working with homeowners nationwide, the team from DOWNLITE understands the need for comfort at an affordable price.

comfortersSometimes purchasing a new mattress is out of the question, so it might be time to get a mattress pad or protector from DOWNLITE. A mattress pad is made up of a thicker, quilted material that is normally tucked in over the mattress and under the sheets. The purpose of this product is to offer extra protection for the mattress and repel possible allergens that may try to collect within the fabrics. A mattress pad is a great alternative to buying a whole new mattress because it can add extra cushioning for your back without breaking the bank.

imageAnother highly recommended product is a mattress protector. This is similar to the mattress pad in that it is tucked into the same area of the bed, yet it’s different in the way it functions. A mattress protector is made from thinner material that keeps liquids out, which maintains the quality of your mattress. DOWNLITE suggests purchasing this product shortly after buying a new mattress or even to preserve your current one.

You may be wondering which one is the best product to buy when you don’t want to splurge on a new mattress. Ask a DOWNLITE professional, and they’ll tell you that both products would be the best alternative to buying a new mattress. Your back and muscles will thank you for the extra padding, and with a protective covering, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new mattress for a few more years!

So, take some time to visit their website, and explore the plethora of top-notch products they have available, including fluffy pillows, soft comforters and more! Call (866) 931-3696 with any questions you may have.