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This Advertising Agency Found a Marketing Technique With a 93% Engagement Rate August 12, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
This Advertising Agency Found a Marketing Technique With a 93% Engagement Rate, Richmond Hill, Georgia

BL Digital Enterprises is all about optimizing the way modern companies reach potential clients and communicate their message across a variety of platforms. Based in Richmond Hill, GA, the innovative advertising agency takes pride in partnering with companies across the country to grow their brands, and one way they do that is with their easy-to-use voicemail bypass programs. 

The idea behind voicemail bypass is pretty simple. If you want to get your message out to current and prospective clients, you naturally want to use the most effective method of engagement possible. Voicemail bypass, as the name implies, allows you to send a recorded message directly to the voicemail of thousands of people at a time, bypassing their ringer completely. This allows you to curate different messages for clients in different areas, publicize special offers and deals, and raise awareness of your business. 

advertising agencyThanks to BL Digital Enterprises’ diligent tracking and the use of SMART technology, they’ve found that the engagement rate for voicemail bypass messages is a shocking 93%—that’s a higher rate of engagement than SMS ads, live agent calls, voice broadcasts, and email advertisements! According to the advertising agency, one of the reasons voicemail bypass messages are so successful is because the potential recipient’s phone doesn’t actually ring, so they can’t deny the call outright. Your potential client will simply see that they have a new voicemail in their inbox and their instinct to check it will be strong. Plus, since people typically wait until they’re not in transit to check their messages, the odds that they will listen to the entire thing and respond is much higher when compared to cold calling or texting. 

If you’re interested in incorporating voicemail bypass programs into your marketing plan, reach out to BL Digital Enterprises. The advertising agency makes it easy to create recurring monthly messages, unique individual messages, and even one-time-only messages. They’ll handle the technical side and advise you on the best time to send your messages and how to craft a bypass voicemail that gets a solid response. Call BL Digital Enterprises now at (912) 312-9381 to get started on your risk-free 90-day trial today! Learn more about their voicemail bypass programs online.