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3 Different Architecture Types Explained by Pardi Partnership Architects August 1, 2016

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3 Different Architecture Types Explained by Pardi Partnership Architects, Rochester, New York

Architecture is defined as the process of designing and erecting buildings. It falls into a variety of styles, including classical, Gothic, and Romanesque, as well as types. Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, NY, offers outstanding services in each type of architecture and lend their 60+ years of cumulative professional experience to a wide variety of projects. Whatever the project theme or scope, the experienced architects always create intelligent designs of the highest quality.

Let’s review the three main architecture types to better understand their purpose:


Residential architecture focuses on the construction of private dwellings for homeowner use. It’s not uncommon to see neighborhoods featuring the same style of home; however, there are just as many customized, unique residential buildings in the U.S. and around the world. Some of the most famous examples of stunning architecture are private residences, such as those created by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Commercial architecture revolves around the creation of public buildings for businesses or government branches. Libraries, government facilities, airports, and shopping malls are all examples of commercial architecture. Commercial buildings beautify assorted regions while also providing practical applications, such as easy shopping within a mall or straightforward gate location within an airport.


Corporate architecture refers to the designing and building of structures for corporate businesses and organizations. Office buildings are the most common examples of corporate architecture. Such architecture helps a business or organization function more efficiently and therefore achieve assorted goals in shorter time periods. 

Residential, commercial, and corporate architect services are readily available through Pardi Partnership Architects PC. Work with the award-winning company that’s provided unparalleled design services since 1999, and watch your project come to brilliant life from the ground up. For more on architect services available through Pardi Partnership Architects, please call (585) 454­-4670, or visit the website today.

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