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3 Vital Components of Your Car's Fuel System July 27, 2016

St. Charles, St. Charles
3 Vital Components of Your Car's Fuel System, St. Charles, Missouri

Based in Saint Peters, MO, Frecks & Sons' Automotive is an automotive repair facility offering everything from oil changes to engine repair to fuel-pump servicing. These experts have over 170 years of combined experience in automotive care, and they're committed to providing clients with top-notch work and an unmatched customer service experience. 

The engine repair specialists at Frecks & Sons' Automotive say having an understanding of your car's fuel system will help you become a more informed consumer. Here are three key components of your vehicle's fuel system:

fuel pump

  • Fuel Tank: This tank is your vehicle's fuel receptacle. When you fill up with gas or diesel at the pump, fuel travels down a tube before coming to rest in this tank. The fuel tank is equipped with technology that lets your car's fuel gauge know how much fuel remains in the tank. 
  • Fuel Pump: Your car's fuel pump is responsible for getting fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Your car relies on the engine to move from place to place, and the engine needs fuel to run. Given all this, if your car's fuel pump is broken or in need of repair, it can spell big trouble.
  • Fuel Filter: Clean fuel extends the life of your car's engine and optimizes performance. A fuel filter works to ensure your car's fuel is clean by screening out dirt and rust particles. Fuel filters are usually found in the car's fuel line and feature cartridges utilizing filter paper. 

Whether you're in need of fuel-pump servicing or an oil change, turn to the experts at Frecks & Sons' Automotive. This shop is home to certified mechanics delivering quick and efficient care. Schedule your oil change or engine repair by calling (636) 928-5326, or visit these Saint Peters automotive service leaders online to learn more. 

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