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Traveling Soon? Why You Should Keep Your Valuables in a Storage Unit July 26, 2016

Honolulu, Honolulu
Traveling Soon? Why You Should Keep Your Valuables in a Storage Unit, Honolulu, Hawaii

There’s nothing worse than being on vacation, worry-free, when you suddenly remember that all of your valuables and possessions are sitting at home, unattended. Luckily, privately owned and operated Storkeeper Self Storage in Honolulu, HI, offers affordable storage space for long-term storage while you’re traveling.

Check out some of the top reasons to store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit while you’re away:

  • Keep Your Possessions Secure: Sure, you can lock up your possessions in your home. But who’s watching them? Any thief knows the best time to rob a home is when the homeowner is out traveling or on vacation. Christopher Ulu, owner of Storkeeper Self Storage, has been in the self-storage industry in Hawaii for over 25 years, so he knows that the best way to keep your valuables safe is by using a 24-hour video surveillance system like the one in his storage unit facility.
  • storage unitClimate-Controlled Spaces Keep Items Safe: Not only will your items remain secure in a storage space, but you can rest assured that your items won’t get ruined in Storkeeper Self Storage’s climate-controlled facility. When you leave home, you might be tempted to turn your air conditioning off to save on the heating or cooling bill. However, some of your items, like cameras and lenses, TVs, and other electronics may suffer. By renting storage space in Honolulu, you can save money on heating and cooling bills and still keep your possessions safe.
  • Enjoy Convenience & Affordable Pricing: Enjoy peace of mind with storage units of varying sizes. A 2x2, or a mailbox-sized unit, costs only $17 plus tax per month when you reserve it online, while a 10x14 parking-stall unit costs only $200 plus tax. With the entire facility on the first floor, you won’t have to worry about lugging your valuables up or down stairs and into elevators with weight limits.

Whether you’re taking a long trip or a short one, there’s no reason not to place your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit when traveling. Family-owned and operated Storkeeper Self Storage is the most reliable climate-controlled facility in Honolulu, HI. If you’re ready to book a trip, contact one of Storkeeper Self Storage’s representatives at (808) 941-1180 to talk about safely storing your possessions. To learn more about storage space options, check out their website.

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