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Honoring Loved Ones on Their Headstones: 4 Tips for Choosing an Epitaph July 29, 2016

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Honoring Loved Ones on Their Headstones: 4 Tips for Choosing an Epitaph, Moody, Alabama

Engraving epitaphs on headstones allows family members to honor their loved ones with a short phrase or statement that held special meaning to the deceased or exemplifies their personality in some way. Losing a loved one is never easy, but Forever Memories Monument Company in Birmingham, AL, ensures those who pass receive dignified headstones with meaningful messages.

Here are four tips for designing headstones and choosing the right epitaphs:

  • Consider Something From Scripture: It is natural to turn to religion while grieving the loss of a loved one, and if your family member was religious, a verse may be an ideal way to honor the deceased. Scripture verses that address life after death are especially hopeful and may provide comfort to all who view the headstone in the coming years.
  • HeadstonesRecognize Accomplishments: If your relative was an accomplished professional or made selfless sacrifices in order to raise a family or help those who are less fortunate, you may want to acknowledge it in the epitaph.
  • Keep It Fairly Short: Less is typically more when it comes to epitaphs, and the most powerful statements are usually the shortest ones, too. You don’t necessarily have to sum up your loved one’s entire life; you can memorialize one significant aspect of it.
  • Take Your Time: There is no rush to design a headstone or compose an epitaph after a loved one passes. The inscription is going to be there for hundreds of years, so take your time in choosing one, and trust that it will probably come to you in a burst of inspiration when you least expect it. 

If you have questions about designing headstones in Birmingham, AL, turn to Forever Memories Monument Company. Visit their website to view the kind of monuments they create, and call (205) 640-3040 to talk to a compassionate staff member about your vision today.

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