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3 Benefits of Proactive Windshield Repairs After a Chip July 25, 2016

St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
3 Benefits of Proactive Windshield Repairs After a Chip, St. Louis, Missouri

From windshield replacement to car window repairs, Autoglass Xpress is a one-stop shop for your car’s glass needs. Serving St. Louis, MO, for over 30 years, these experienced automotive glass technicians have the skills to get you back on the road quickly and with renewed peace of mind. 

Although it may seem premature, it’s essential to seek professional windshield repairs at the earliest possible stage of damage. If you’ve noticed a chip in your glass, here are three reasons why you should have it examined immediately:

  • Financial Savings: Paying to fix a small issue is more cost effective than waiting until the damage has spread throughout. A small chip can quickly lead to cracked or shattered glass, and the necessary windshield replacement cost will greatly surpass that of a chip repair. And with Autoglass Xpress’s mobile windshield repair services, preventing a costly replacement is easier than ever. Simply call these glass experts, and they’ll bring their services to you!
  • windshield repairSplinter Potential: Once a small piece of debris has caused your windshield to chip, that chip is only one flying pebble away from splintering into a full-on crack. And if your windshield is cracked, driving at high speeds can be extremely dangerous, and you’ll need to shell out for a windshield replacement in order to use your car to its full potential. Your best bet is to fix the chip before it can develop into a serious fracture.
  • Insurance Effect: Yet another reason to seek out windshield repairs after a small chip? Your insurance policy. If you act quickly and schedule a repair right after the chip occurs, your insurance will most likely cover the cost of the windshield repairs without changing your rate. However, if you wait until a windshield replacement is needed, your insurance rate may increase.

The next time a stone causes your car’s glass to chip, call Autoglass Xpress for fast, mobile windshield repairs and lasting results. Visit their website for more information on their auto glass repair services.

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