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3 Tips for Successful Gluten-Free Product Shopping July 25, 2016

Spencerport, Monroe
3 Tips for Successful Gluten-Free Product Shopping, Spencerport, New York

Gluten can hide in a surprising number of foods. If you’ve decided to eliminate this substance from your diet, you’ll need to boost your shopping strategies to ensure you only go home with gluten-free products. Fortunately, Green Hut has some tips to help you shop for gluten-free products. The all-natural food store in Spencerport, NY, offers fresh baked goods, bulk spices, supplements, and other products for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some helpful tips from these experts for a gluten-free shopping experience:

  • Check The Ingredients: Inspecting the ingredients label is the first step in determining whether a product contains gluten. Gluten-free products should never list wheat, barley, bran, bulgur, malt flavorings, wheat germ, or semolina, among other ingredients that contain the substance.
  • Avoid Certain Claims: Just because an item claims to be “wheat-free” doesn’t mean it’s gluten-free. Rye and barley also contain gluten, despite being wheat-free, so they are not safe for a person on a gluten-free eating plan. 
  • gluten-free productsShop At Your Local Gluten-Free Food Store: Gluten sneaks its way into many products you’ll find at a conventional grocery store. For a more reliable shopping experience, pick up your groceries at an all-natural food store such as Green Hut. Their staff has the expertise to guide you on products that fit your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Green Hut offers a variety of gluten-free products, including Namaste Foods Perfect Flour Blend, Sticky Fingers Bakeries Gluten-Free Scone Mixes, Three Bakers Gluten-Free Bread, and Livingston County Gluten-Free Pizza. They also have the widest selection of Donna Marie’s gluten-free baked goods outside of the bakery. To learn more about the gluten-free products at this all-natural food store, call (585) 617-3063 or visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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