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5 Ways to Enjoy Healthy Latin American Food in Brooklyn July 26, 2016

Bushwick, Brooklyn
5 Ways to Enjoy Healthy Latin American Food in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York

Latin American cuisine is known for its vibrant flavors. With a focus on fresh ingredients, these food dishes can be good for you, too. Brooklyn’s Latin hot-spot Industry 1332 offers tasty and healthy meals, from tapas to brunch.

These culinary minds share their tips for feasting on healthy Latin food:

  • Lean Beans: Packed full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants, beans fill out Latin American cuisine without harmful trans-fats. A staple of food from this region, beans make a savory side on this Bushwick restaurant’s brunch menu.
  • Fresh Seafood: Ceviche, ahi tuna sole filet, and calamari represent the abundance of fresh-caught seafood in Latin American countries. Lean, grilled fish is rich in protein and filling, yet light enough that it showcases the defining flavors of the dish.
  • foodFlavor Over Fat: Whether it’s for brunch, lunch, dinner, or tapas, Latin American cuisine celebrates vibrant food spiked with bright, fresh herbs. Chimichurri, mango sriracha chutney, and cilantro pesto basmati rice burst with pure, bold flavor.
  • Fruits & Veggies: Fresh avocado, sweet plantains, and a zing of citrus bring fresh-picked Latin flavors to brunch food and beyond. Condiments like grilled pineapple salsa and green papaya slaw make for memorable additions to main courses.
  • Social Scene: The idea of slowing down to enjoy your food, especially in the company of others, is as much a part of Latin American cuisine as the food itself. Eating is a social experience and one that should be savored—it’s the very nature of tapas. The drinks and live music at Industry 1332 will have you wanting to order one more round.

Have a taste of Brooklyn’s Latin American cuisine at Industry 1332 and enjoy delicious and healthy food. Visit their website to view the full menu and to order online. Call (718) 484-8338 to make a reservation for brunch, lunch, or dinner, or stop in for a drink and take in the live music.