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Electrical Contractors Explain What to Do in an Electrical Emergency July 27, 2016

Texarkana, Miller
Electrical Contractors Explain What to Do in an Electrical Emergency, Texarkana, Arkansas

Cool headed responses in the event of an electrical emergency can make a significant difference: appliances, homes, and even lives can be saved. Service First Electrical and Plumbing, a reliable electrical contractor in the Texarkana, TX area, wants to spread awareness about what you should do if you find yourself in need of emergency electrical services. Read on to learn how to prepare for specific electrical issues.

Loss Of Electricity

While you are without power, turn off all electrical equipment in your home, such as computers and lights. When the power is turned back on, it may cause some power surges, which could damage your appliances unless they are connected to a surge protector. In addition, keep your refrigerator and freezer doors shut to hold in the cold air.

If you repeatedly lose power to your home, you should call an electrical contractor to come out and assess your home. The electrician will be able to identify the source of the power outage and fix it once and for all.

Electrical Fires

Electrical Contractor in TexarkanaYour first reaction to a fire in your home is probably going to be to pour water on it, but you should not do this if you suspect that the fire is caused by an electrical issue. Cut the power to the appliance or area that is sparking or on fire. For small fires, smother the fire with baking soda or a dry fire extinguisher. Call 911 to report the fire.

Even if you manage to handle the electrical fire on your own, it’s still very important that you call an electrical contractor for emergency electrical service as quickly as possible. Electrical fires are very frequently caused by bad wiring—either a DIY or by an unlicensed electrician. Where there is one fire, there could be more. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to assess your home’s wiring and fix any issues that may cause future fires.

Live Wires

If someone comes in contact with an indoor live wire, you may be tempted to pull the person away from the wire. Do not touch the person with your bare hands. First, try to shut the power off as quickly as possible. If you are unable to shut off the power, use a non-conductive material to pull the person away from the wire. Some non-conductive materials you’ll typically have in a home include, broom handles, rope, and pieces of dry wood.

If the live wire is a high voltage, outdoor wire, do not attempt to free them. Call 911 immediately and stay back. Once the person is free, start CPR if needed. Unless the area is still unsafe, do not attempt to move the person as a protection against spinal damage. Burns should be treated with cold water as soon as possible.

For emergency electrical service in the Texarkana area, call Service First Electrical and Plumbing. Their skilled electricians are available for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more about their services or speak with an electrical contractor, visit their website or call (870) 775-1035.