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Children’s Music Teaches Valuable Lessons in Brooklyn July 26, 2016

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Children’s Music Teaches Valuable Lessons in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York

When it comes to teaching children important values, many parents and teachers regularly seek new ways to engage them effectively while still getting the message across. Penny and the Puppettes is a Brooklyn-based theatre group who specialize in entertainment for kids. They use children’s music regularly in their performances, finding that it’s effective at keeping the children entertained while also providing a memorable message.

In fact, music is the subject of many scientific studies surrounding children. There have been numerous positive results with kids learning through children’s music—in fact, here are a few reasons you should consider using children’s music to teach your kids:

  • Develops Interest In Stories: Children’s music is catchy and melodic, drawing attention to the topic of the song. Their interest in the rhythm of the songs increases how much they’re paying attention to the message and story behind the music. 
  • children's musicStimulates Development: Music has been shown to improve intellectual development and motor skills. It works to coordinate how the child’s mind and body work together, causing them to tap their feet or move their bodies.
  • Social Experience: Music can be a unifying element for any age group, and having kids experience music together allows them to interact more effectively. It allows kids the opportunity of self expression through song and dance, helping them to build confidence in social situations.
  • Relatable: Children’s music tends to implement things that kids are familiar with, such as numbers or letters they’re currently learning and practicing. This association also increases their desire to invest in the story and music.

Children’s music can play a huge role in how your child processes information, making it a great tool to teach them about sharing, honesty, respect, and other important values. If you’re looking for interactive kids entertainment for an upcoming event in Brooklyn or the surrounding areas, including birthdays and festivals, contact the professionals at Penny and the Puppettes. More information about their performances can be found on their website, or by calling them at (917) 474-9364.

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