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Garbage Disposal Don’ts: 5 Things to Keep Out of the Drain July 26, 2016

Walnut Hills, Dayton
Garbage Disposal Don’ts: 5 Things to Keep Out of the Drain  , Dayton, Ohio

Garbage disposal units are powerful machines that can really improve the care of your sink and pipes by keeping the flow from getting interrupted. But every so often, things can get in the way of the disposal blades and cause big draining problems in your sink. As a leading plumber in Dayton, OH, DTS Plumbing has seen a lot of these accidents over the years — and have identified some of the most common reasons garbage disposals break.

Dedicated to keeping your pipes flowing, these Dayton plumbing specialists say that you can prevent garbage disposal problems by keeping these things out of your drain:

  • Grease: When you need to get rid of grease, fat, or oil, safely store it in a durable container, like a coffee can, for disposal. These materials won’t just clog up your drains over time; they will also stick to garbage disposal blades, which can cause problems with chopping. These sticky culprits can also create a bad smell in your kitchen if they build up in your sink.
  • Stringy Produce: Fibrous skins that come from corn husks and celery can easily end up in the sink when you’re washing up for dinner, but they shouldn’t be there. Garbage disposal blades chop up these surfaces to unravel a series of stringy fibers that can get stuck around the blade and cause it to malfunction.
  • garbage disposal Dayton OHPits & Seeds: Any heavy pit or seed, like those from avocados or peaches, should be thrown directly in the trash. These big obstructions are too hard and will damage the blades by creating too much resistance.
  • Foods That Swell: Foods like rice and beans may be small enough to go down the drain, but when water gets into the mix, they will swell and possibly lead to a clogged drain or disposal trap.
  • Coffee Grounds: These small particles don’t just disappear with a rinse of water, they can build up and create a clog in the disposal trap. While they can often be cleaned out, it’s a messy and time-consuming process.

While DTS Plumbing recommends keeping these things away from the drain, they know that garbage disposal accidents happen to the best of us. Whether a foreign object has slipped down the sink or dinner destroyed the disposal, call these plumbing experts at (937) 256-4387 for quick, high-quality, low-cost service. And to get a free quote on their plumbing services in Dayton, OH, fill out their simple online form.

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