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Size Up Your Party Tent for Event Rental in Rochester July 25, 2016

Rochester, Monroe
Size Up Your Party Tent for Event Rental in Rochester, Rochester, New York

Hosting a big outdoor bash is a crash course in event rental. Lesson number one: A party tent is a must, rain or shine. Luckily, the experts at Spatola’s Party Rental in Rochester, New York, have you covered with party supply rentals. They’ve outlined four factors to determine exactly what size party tent you’ll need and whether your event calls for one tent or more. Established in 1988, they have plenty of experience in how to size up a tent rental.

Event Type

Is it casual or formal? Will guests be seated or standing? This is the foundation of any decision to rent tables and chairs, buffet serving equipment, and table place settings.

event rentalEntertainment

Evaluate the space needed to accommodate a dance floor, stage, bandstand, DJ booth, or photo booth. For event rental, this can be a tricky calculation even for the most savvy event planners. To ensure foolproof planning, consult a size calculator and square footage guide for your event rental.


Round tables take up more space than banquet or cathedral seating, but they also create a more intimate feel. This is an especially important element for a wedding tent rental. Evaluate the guest list and flow of the event. Separate tents might be the best option for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Rent tables and chairs based on that vision.

Food & Drinks

Consider setting up your food stations, bar, and lounge furniture in a separate tent from the main seating area. This way, guests can move freely from station to station without feeling overcrowded.

Whatever your event rental needs, Spatola’s Party Rental makes it easy. They’ll even scope out your event space on-site to advise on what size tent you may need. Visit their website, or call (585) 266-4200 today to learn more.

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