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3 Landscape Design Tips From A to Z Property Maintenance July 21, 2016

Brookfield, Fairfield County
3 Landscape Design Tips From A to Z Property Maintenance, Brookfield, Connecticut

In an attempt to improve their yard space, some homeowners plant a few flowers while others try to take on big landscaping projects by themselves. Though they may have good intentions for beautifying their yards, their efforts can sometimes be counterproductive. A beautiful, harmonious, yard space is achieved by strategic landscape design. 

The expert landscapers at A to Z Property Maintenance of Brookfield, CT, share a few landscape design tips that can dramatically upgrade your yard space.

  • Establish A Plan: It's important to plan what types of plant you want for your garden and where to plant them. Proper spacing of plants will prevent fungus and insect infestation in your yard. If there are bare spaces, plant annuals, perennials, and shrubs. They're easy to transplant and remove if you realize they're planted in the wrong spot.
  • imageDetermine Your Focal Point: A great landscape design has a focal point, an area which will draw your attention. It could be a statue, an ornamental plant, an old tree, or your house. Keep in mind that your focal point should offer something unique so that it stands out from the rest of your landscape.
  • Add Life To Your Garden: Make your landscape more interesting by planting different shrubs, grass or fruit-bearing trees. Play with color, size, and shape but don't overdo it. You may want to repeat some elements or design to maintain cohesion. The trick is to add in some unique elements in your landscape to make it livelier and more interesting.

A well thought out landscape design will bring satisfying results in the long run. For all your garden projects, turn to A to Z Property Maintenance. They've been serving Brookfield residents with high-quality landscape and lawn care services for 25 years. They also offer organic tick control, lawn mowing, and mulch to keep your garden healthy. Call them now at (203) 775-9174, or visit their website for more information.

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