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Why Family Dinner Selections at This Kihei Thai Restaurant Are Such Great Deals July 22, 2016

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
Why Family Dinner Selections at This Kihei Thai Restaurant Are Such Great Deals, Kahului, Hawaii

Any Thai food from the kitchen of Thailand Cuisine in Kihei, HI, provides the senses with something special. If you’re looking for a fantastic deal on Thai cuisine that doesn’t sacrifice taste, pick from family dinner selections available through the Kihei establishment. Each family dinner order features enough delicious Asian cuisine for two, three, or four people for a great price. Review what comes with the selections and enjoy savoring Thai food while saving money!

Family dinner selections from the premier Thai restaurant include the following mouth-watering options:

  • For Two: The $45.95 dinner special for two includes spring rolls and Tom Yum chicken as well as pad pet pork, shrimp garlic vegetables, and plenty of rice. Sip hot tea or coffee as you enjoy this hearty meal with one of your favorite people.

  • For Three: The $55.95 family dinner selection for three  features spring rolls, coconut soup chicken, green curry shrimp, pad pet beef, assorted vegetables with pork, sides of rice, and hot tea or coffee. The special is only $10 more than the option for two and provides plenty of Thai food to take home if you get too full.

  • thai foodFor Four: The $80.95 family dinner option from the renowned Thai restaurant includes crispy noodles and spring rolls, Tom Yum shrimp, red curry chicken, sauteed seafood, oyster sauce beef, basil pork, rice, and hot tea or coffee. That’s a lot of food for four people to enjoy well into the night.

It’s easy for even two people to spend a lot of money on dinner outside the home. Rather than spending unnecessarily large sums and hoping the food on your plate is flavorful, opt for the Thai restaurant with a reputation for excellence. The celebrated establishment focuses heavily on homemade recipes and ensures each steaming dish is made with the freshest ingredients. Stop in today to save money on delectable family meals. Learn more about the amazing Thai food at Thailand Cuisine by calling (808) 875-0839 or visiting the website today.

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