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5 Things You Need in a Commercial Cleaning Company July 22, 2016

East Oak Hill, Austin
5 Things You Need in a Commercial Cleaning Company, Austin, Texas

If you don’t have an office building janitor and don’t want to leave cleaning duties to your employees, it may be time to look into a commercial cleaning company. There are many benefits to hiring professionals for duties like floor waxing or carpet cleaning, especially if you take the time to find the right one. JK Commercial Cleaning, serving Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas, has some tips on what to look for in a commercial cleaning company.

Make sure you factor in:

  • Rates: The costs of a commercial cleaning service may be one of the biggest factors that determine whether you will use them. Talk to a number of cleaning services so you can compare rates. Make sure you know exactly what services they will provide when you pay a certain price.
  • Customer Service Record: Find out if the commercial cleaning company you’re considering has a good track record. Take a look at online reviews if they’re available. Many previous customers leave feedback and ratings on crowdsourced sites. Another, even more reliable way to gauge a commercial cleaning company’s customer satisfaction level is by word-of-mouth reviews. Ask friends and colleagues about the janitorial services they have used and approved of.
  • commercial cleaning companyEmployee Training Methods: When shopping around for a commercial cleaning company, it is a good idea to ask them how they train their employees. This way, you’ll have a sense of the professionalism and skills their cleaners will have.
  • Hiring Guidelines: Ask how the cleaning company hires their employees. Do they require drug tests? Do they ask for references and value previous experience? Making sure they hire trustworthy cleaners is not just important for their company’s reputation, but for yours as well.
  • Quality Assurance: Make sure you inquire about how the commercial cleaning company guarantees customer satisfaction. Have a few scenarios in mind in which you would be an unhappy customer, and ask them how they would handle those situations. Their responses should assure you that your complaints will be treated seriously and promptly.

For more information on what to look for in a commercial cleaning company or to begin the process of hiring one, call JK Commercial Cleaning at (512) 228-1837. Visit their website to find out more about their services.

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