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4 Simple Laptop Repair Tricks July 20, 2016

Charleston, Staten Island
4 Simple Laptop Repair Tricks, Staten Island, New York

Some laptop repairs are best left to your local computer shop—but if you’re good with your hands and have some extra time, a few of them are safe to do at home. Here with more is Alpha Laser Richmond, Staten Island’s main source for PC and printer repair. 

Here’s how to fix some common laptop issues:

  • Cracked Laptop Case: Not all laptops are rugged enough to take a fall. If your case gets cracked, you can fix it with a little epoxy. Once you’ve filled the crack and let it set, you can also do the finishing touch by sanding with with fine grit sandpaper and painting over it.

  • laptop repairStuck Keys: Do you have stubborn keys? Try spraying your keyboard with compressed air. If that doesn’t work, try dipping a cotton swab in alcohol and cleaning around the edges of the stuck key. For a more thorough cleaning, you can gently pry out individual keys with a flat head screwdriver. If it turns out you need replacement keys, it’s often a better deal to get an entire keyboard replacement—a more complicated laptop repair you may want to leave to professionals.

  • Frayed Chargers: If you travel with your laptop a lot and are constantly reconnecting the power cord, all is not lost if the cord covering finally rips—as long as you act quickly. Frayed cords are fire hazards and could damage your battery. For a simple but effective laptop repair, you can either cover the fray with electrical tape, or use silicone sealant for longer-lasting and airtight protection.

If you need more extensive laptop repairs or would rather trust smaller repairs to the professionals, Alpha Laser Richmond would be glad to help. For more information about their laptop, printer, and PC repair services, call the Staten Island printer repair shop at (718) 317-1263 or visit them online.

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