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Top 5 Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting July 20, 2016

Mulberry, Miami
Top 5 Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting, Miami, Ohio

Do you have an upcoming trip planned but are unable to take your beloved pet along? Leaving town, even if it means just for a day, can be stressful when it means leaving your pet behind. But with in-home pet sitting services, like those offered by Milford, OH’s Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting, you can feel confident knowing your pet is well-cared for in the environment they know best.

Take a look at the top five benefits in-home pet sitting offers that kennel boarding doesn’t provide:

  • Less Stressful: Enlisting the help of a professional in-home pet sitting company to care for your animals while you’re away proves to be less stressful for both you and your furry friends. Pets often feel anxiety when disrupted from their usual environment, and you won’t have to worry that they aren’t receiving the individualized attention they need when placed in a kennel boarding facility.
  • Consistent Diet & Exercise Routines: In-home pet sitting is great for keeping your pet’s routine in check. Your in-home pet sitter will feed and exercise your pet per your instructions, allowing them to follow the same routine they would have if you were home. Additionally, if your pet takes any medications, an in-home pet sitter can ensure they are dispensed at the right time each day.

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  • Convenient: Hiring an in-home pet sitter is convenient, and saves you the time spent packing up all your pet’s toys, bedding, and food to take to your local pet boarding facility. An in-home pet sitter will come to your house exactly the time of day you need them to, providing your pets with the love and attention they deserve while you’re away.
  • Safe: Many pet owners prefer in-home pet sitting for safety reasons. Taking your pet to a boarding kennel can expose them to illnesses or injury if they don’t get along well with the other pets. Additionally, they often feel safer in their familiar environment, and are less likely to become afraid and attempt to run away.
  • Peace Of Mind: Perhaps the most important reason pet owners prefer in-home pet sitting services is for the peace of mind they receive knowing that their pets are well-cared for. Hiring a professional pet sitter rather than your next door neighbor ensures that your pets are receiving the specialized care they need to thrive until your return home.

To learn more about the benefits of in-home pet sitting, or for more information about the services Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting offers, give them a call at (513) 831-9457. You can also browse their website for more details on their pet-sitting services, and to learn about their team of pet experts.

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