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An OBGYN Explains Why You Should Read Nutrition Labels July 19, 2016

An OBGYN Explains Why You Should Read Nutrition Labels, Soldotna, Alaska

When you are serious about nutrition and practicing self-care, reading nutrition labels can be a great place to start. OBGYN and integrative medicine practitioner Robert G Thompson, MD offers extensive alternative, gynecological, and anti-aging medical services to the communities of Anchorage and Soldotna, AK. He has over 35 years of experience in holistic medicine and gynecology and is passionate about keeping his patients healthy and informed about their nutrition choices and options.  

Here are two primary reasons why you should read the nutrition labels on your food:

Nutrition Labels Help You Choose Natural, Healthy Foods

Your diet is the foundation of your well-being, and nutrition labels will help you find the healthiest choices. You can select the most beneficial food options by choosing foods that are low in fat, calories, sugar, and salt. Nutrition labels also help you avoid unnecessary additives or allergens in your diet. Food products with a short list of ingredients are often the most natural and the healthiest.

Nutrition Labels Help You Monitor Your Nutrient Consumption

OBGYNThe nutrients and minerals you consume play a big role in how your body feels and functions. Getting enough iron, fiber, and vitamins such as A and C will keep your body strong and active. The percentage of daily value is a healthy nutrient and mineral guide that you can refer to on nutrition labels. There are many subtle factors that go into nutrition and mineral physiology. Robert G Thompson, MD is an expert in these fields and in how they affect health: In fact, he co-authored the nutrition-related books The Calcium Lie and The Calcium Lie 2.

When you are seeking an experienced and compassionate holistic medical practitioner and OBGYN, you can turn to Robert G Thompson, MD.  He blends together his expertise in alternative, traditional, and OBGYN care for his patients. To learn more about his integrative approach or to schedule an appointment, call his practice at (907) 260-6914 or visit them online

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