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Have Financial Plans To Save For Children's College Costs? Call Ivy Bound Test Prep. July 10, 2016

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Have Financial Plans To Save For Children's College Costs? Call Ivy Bound Test Prep. , Millburn, New Jersey

Saving for college? Call Ivy Bound Test Prep

As college costs are increasing faster than inflation each year, families are finding it harder to educate their children. Furthermore, graduate degrees are becoming ubiquitous which has led to a demand for even more expensive graduate and professional degrees. Needs-based financial aid packages rarely cover all the major and minor costs involved of actually attending college, even at elite Ivy League and top 25 schools.

What is the solution? Ivy Bound Test Prep. Ceceilia Amirat is one of the SAT / ACT tutors at Ivy Bound. All tutors not only score in the top 1% on an actual SAT or ACT test but also are trained in improving student scores significantly. As a result, Ivy Bound has awarded tens of thousands of dollars per student (who elects to attend a below 25 ranked college), on average. For students who attend a top 25 college, other merit scholarship possibilities exist based on a PSAT, SAT, or ACT score.

Ivy Bound’s scholarship seekers reported an average of $68,600 in four-year awards in 2014.  We will be gathering the 2015 results over the next few months and expect them to be even HIGHER.

A “scholarship seeker” is a student whose college choice is influenced by the net tuition.  When students report their college lists to us, we ask whether the colleges awarded money along with the acceptance, and how much.

Merit-based awards are typically given with the presumption that the student will do well enough academically to have it renewed each year.  We thus calculate at 4x the initial award.

Where the award is a “need-based” award, we do not count this in the statistics. Where the scholarship is tied to military service (Academies or ROTC), we do not count this in the statistics.

Awards are generally based on a combination of GPA and SAT/ACT scores.  Here the GPA is a bit less of a factor than SAT or ACT.  So students can presume that the SAT or ACT is directing at least half the award money.

At $68,600, a family in the 25% tax bracket gains the equivalent of EARNING $91,466.
At $68,600, a family in the 30% tax bracket gains the equivalent of EARNING $98,000.

As you can see, a relative small amount of money spent ideally on private tutoring, or an even smaller amount of money spent on an SAT or ACT prep class, can lead to much college savings. There is little risk since Ivy Bound offers a partial money back guarantee for qualified diligent students who do not increase their SAT scores by 100 points or ACT scores by an equivalent amount.

Public schools are only rarely in parents’ corners when it comes to College Scholarship success. Families can save $20,000 and more when their college applicant possesses above-average SAT scores. Be grateful if your school has an assertive administrator who brings in top-tier SAT prep.

If your school lacks such an administrator, the good news is that parents need not have the school as a facilitator. Test Prep firms will come running to parents who’ve assembled a group of students to take advantage of a course. Most will do so with discounted tuition.

For example, Ivy Bound offers the same low-cost class when PARENT groups get students together. With a group of 20 or more, the per-student tuition is highly discounted including materials. Please contact Ceceilia Amirat (917-923-5760, ) , Tutor at Ivy Bound, for more information on how to obtain this group discount.

Parents SHOULD get together, because waiting for the school to do the right thing means it’s too late for current juniors to get the prep they need. In the past Ivy Bound has had a parent-organized group get things started and then the next year the school saw it was good and chose to enlist Ivy Bound. That can happen anywhere, with any outside firm.

Unlike most schools, firms like Ivy Bound are interested in saving parents $20,000 or more in tuition. $20,000 is the LOW side of what a well-above-average score is worth at most private universities. Getting better admissions offers and raising scholarship awards is why test prep firms exist! If your school administrators are too short-sighted to see that good test prep GREATLY helps families, then go outside the school.

At most competitive colleges, applying with SAT scores that are 100 points above their average means not only a likely admission offer, but a financial offer as well. Colleges LIKE when they can attract “meritorious” students. Thus $5,000 – $15,000 / year renewable for four years is a likely result. The big awards can reach $35,000 a year ($140,000 over four years). In a group of 100 students, assume ten will achieve a $20,000 yearly award and eighty will attain an average $8,000 annual award. That’s $4,560,000 for that 100-family community. Since saving $ in a high-tax-environment is more valuable than earning $, saving over $4,000,000 equates to earning over $6,000,000.

Every community-minded parent should consider improving students’ SAT scores as their next community project. Very few projects return 30x their investment. Good SAT prep is one that does.

So when you are worried about saving money for college, saving money for retirement, paying off your mortgage, and everything else in your financial plan … make an investment in Ivy Bound Test Prep.

Call us today!

Ivy Bound Test Prep

Ceceilia Amirat

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