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Create Eye-Catching Logo Designs For Your Business With Help From ASC Graphics February 24, 2014

Maplewood, Rochester
Create Eye-Catching Logo Designs For Your Business With Help From ASC Graphics, Rochester, New York

Using graphic designs such as vehicle wraps, wall murals, and business signs in your marketing campaign is a great way to draw in new customers and make your business’s name well known. For this reason, many businesses opt for a logo design service, which makes it even more important that your business’s design stands out among all the others. Located in Rochester, the specialists at ASC Graphics create design graphics, mobile advertisements, banners, and signs for a variety of businesses. Every type of advertisement can be effective, but in order to reach a wide audience, it’s important to make sure your business’s design repeatedly catches the eyes of all who come within range.

There are several ways to give your business a truly unique design. Take a look at the following tips from ASC Graphics:

  • Make it Memorable: This may seem obvious, but the best way to get people to remember your business’s name is not by simply plastering it everywhere. You should make your logo or design simple, but add a little bit of obscurity so it sticks in the back of your audience’s mind.
  • Visual Appeal: Pick colors that pop and resonate with positive emotions. Also, try to use a fairly large image so your design can be appreciated both up close and far away.
  • Words of Wisdom: If your business has a catchy slogan, definitely feature it in your ad. If you don’t have one, be creative and come up with something that captures the nature of your business and the attention of your audience. Try to stray away from standard fonts by picking something unique, but still easy to read.

Dig deep to find your creativity when coming up with a design idea for your business, and ASC Graphics will bring it to life. For more information on services such as wall wrapping, custom car wraps, and wall murals, visit the logo design company online.

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