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7 Tips for Finding a Therapist for Mental Health Counseling July 19, 2016

NOTA, Rochester
7 Tips for Finding a Therapist for Mental Health Counseling, Rochester, New York

Many people are plagued with mental health issues, which are commonly overshadowed by physical health in today’s society. However, it’s important to address them before they spiral into a situation you no longer have control of. White Spruce Counseling, located in Rochester, NY, provides a wide array of mental health counseling, as well as anger management, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse, and PTSD counseling.

The expert professionals provide compassionate and confidential care, addressing your issues and helping you find the resources to resolve them. Choosing a therapist for your mental health counseling can be a difficult process; it’s hard to find someone who inspires confidence and provides the right kind of expertise.

Here are seven tips for finding a good mental health counselor for yourself or someone you love: 

  • Talk To Your Doctor: Your doctor understands your physical history, and if you express concerns about your mental health, they’ll be able to provide reliable recommendations as they know people in the industry. 
  • mental health counselingLocal Hospital:  Local hospitals are a great place to seek expertise for mental health counseling. They are staffed with therapists in the case of emergencies, and though they may not specialize in the treatment you need, they can direct you to someone who can.
  • Recommendations: Mental health has a negative stigma surrounding it, and most people don’t discuss it. Break this trend by speaking with close friends and family members about mental health counseling, and take any recommendations they offer.
  • Research: Find out as much as you can about your mental condition, and find a doctor who is well reviewed and certified to provide you care. 
  • mental health counselingGive It Time: In many instances, mental health cannot be as easily mended as physical afflictions. Once you decide on a therapist, try staying with them for at least a few months to gauge the effects and monitor any improvement.
  • Gender: For many people, speaking with someone of their own gender can inspire a higher level of confidence, so this is a factor you should consider.
  • Discuss Your Options: Before starting your sessions, have a conversation with your potential therapist. If you feel comfortable during this conversation, it’s likely to extend into a deeper confidence.

Mental health should never be overlooked, and if you’re concerned about yours, it’s crucial for you to seek help. If you live in the Rochester area, contact the professionals at White Spruce Counseling to see if they have any services that fit your needs. More information can be found online or by calling (585) 424-2436.

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