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3 Benefits of Daily Doggie Exercise From a Leading Dog Boarding Service July 18, 2016

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Daily Doggie Exercise From a Leading Dog Boarding Service, Manhattan, New York

In the same way that there are numerous benefits for humans to get daily exercise, dogs receive a great deal from consistent running and playing, too. As a leading dog boarding service and pet hotel that serves clients in New York City and Pennsylvania, Canine Country Quarters provides plenty of space and activities to make sure their guests stay active every day.

The team at this dog boarding service will tell you—and vets agree—that canine cardio is absolutely essential for your pet’s health. Here are three important benefits:

  • dog boardingStrong Body & Mind: A consistent fitness regimen is good for your heart’s health, and this is no different for your furry friend. These benefits also carry over to your dog’s digestive system, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and helping alleviate other health issues. In addition, a well-exercised dog will actually be less depressed and live longer.
  • Healthy Weight: Exercise is simply the most efficient way to manage your dog’s weight. Being overweight or obese leads to a number of health issues, including problems with mood, the heart, and, in more severe cases, arthritis and even diabetes. Making sure your pet receives regular exercise ensures your dog maintains a healthy weight, reducing the risk of developing worse problems down the road.
  • Behavior Management: Many unwanted behaviors in dogs are best managed with a solid exercise regimen. Dogs have a natural propensity to chew and dig, and if these are common problems with your pet, it’s likely they aren’t getting enough time outdoors. The expenditure of energy entailed in long walks and run time is a great way to reduce barking behaviors and hyperactivity.

From top to tail, a regular fitness regimen is the best way to maintain your four-legged friend’s well-being and happiness. And for those times when you’re away, Canine Country Quarters boasts over 50 acres of land and numerous activities to keep your dog active and healthy. To learn more about this pet resort and their premium dog boarding services, visit it online or call (917) 804-4813.