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4 FAQs About Synthetic, Feather & Down Pillows July 15, 2016

Mason, Warren
4 FAQs About Synthetic, Feather & Down Pillows, Mason, Ohio

Shopping for a new pillow is a very personal process. You must take into account so many factors, from your favorite sleeping position to your preference for feather or down pillows. At DOWNLITE, your comfort is king. The company’s vast range of pillows means there’s something for everyone.

Down pillowsDOWNLITE can help you make the right decision to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep each and every night. The bedding experts are here to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about bed pillow firmness.

Learn More About Feather, Synthetic & Down Pillows

What Are the Different Pillow Types?

There are several different types of pillows, including synthetic, cotton, feather, down, and foam. The most common are synthetic—these are inexpensive and quite lightweight. Cotton pillows are also common and may last a bit longer than synthetic. The material inside may get a bit lumpy after a while. Foam pillows provide secure neck and spine support and are heavy. They’re innovative because they retain your head’s shape. Luxurious down is extremely soft, airy, and light. 

What’s the Best Pillow for an Allergy Sufferer?

Down and feather pillows sometimes pose problems for people with allergies. Dirt or debris on the filling may aggravate allergies. Cotton and synthetic pillows are smart choices; they’re always hypoallergenic, machine washable, and inexpensive enough that they can be replaced regularly as needed.

Why Should I Choose a Down Pillow?

Soft and fluffy, down pillows provide a luxurious alternative to basic pillows. Filled with goose and duck feathers, these breathable, lightweight pillows are great for those who seek nothing but pure comfort. They tend to last longer than synthetic pillows and are outstanding investment pieces.

What Pillows Are Best for Different Sleep Positions?

You’ll notice that different pillows are designed for different types of sleepers. Back sleepers benefit from pillows that support the upper spine by positioning your head and neck in the right position while you sleep. Stomach sleepers do well with a soft, cushiony pillow that supports the neck and head, making it easy to move the head from side to side without discomfort. Firm pillows are best for side sleepers who require support for their neck, shoulders, and head.

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