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Give the Perfect Wedding Gift: Hotel Bedding Quality Sheets July 22, 2016

Mason, Warren
Give the Perfect Wedding Gift: Hotel Bedding Quality Sheets, Mason, Ohio

If a friend or family member is getting married, what is your go-to wedding gift? Break out of the normal constraints of the wedding registry and give a gift that is sure to please: Egyptian cotton sheets. Usually known as the sheets used in luxurious hotel bedding, Egyptian cotton sheets are far higher quality than the typical bedsheets that the bride and groom are probably using now. DOWNLITE, recognized experts in bedding, explain why Egyptian cotton sheets will be the gift that the happy couple cherishes most.

How Egyptian Cotton Is Superior

Everyone knows that Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be the best sheet option both for home use and hotel bedding. Why is this the case? Because of the fiber. All sheet sets are made of fiber of some sort, but Egyptian cotton sheets use fiber that is strong, long, and soft—the three ingredients for perfect sheets.

Why Egyptian Cotton Is the Perfect Wedding Gift

hotel beddingYou may be thinking to yourself, “I think I’ll buy some for my bedroom!” That’s a great idea, but don’t stop there. Egyptian cotton bedsheets serve as a fantastic gift for newlyweds.

Most engaged couples tend to ask for items to stock their kitchen, but they neglect to upgrade their bedding. They end up with beautiful dishware they use once in a blue moon while missing out on something they would enjoy every night. It’s a gift that the couple will start using immediately, and the high quality and durability of Egyptian cotton ensure they will be able to use the sheets for many years to come.

Pair the Egyptian cotton sheet set with some feather pillows and down bedding, and you’ll provide the entire hotel bedding experience. With the gift of quality bedding, the bride and groom won’t realize the difference between the honeymoon’s 5-star hotel and their own bedroom.

Ready to pick out the perfect Egyptian cotton sheet set for the bride and groom in your life? Call DOWNLITE at (866) 931-3696 to speak with one of their home and hotel bedding experts. They’ll help you pick out the perfect bedroom bedding, from sheets to feather pillows to down bedding and more. If you already know what you want, order straight from their website and receive free shipping.