Kaimuki, Hawaii

Copper vs. PVC Pipes: Oahu's Plumbing Experts at Fast Rooter Plumbing Explain The Difference May 12, 2014

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Copper vs. PVC Pipes: Oahu's Plumbing Experts at Fast Rooter Plumbing Explain The Difference, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you are buying a new home or thinking about renovating your current one, the piping running throughout your living space is crucial. Deciding on what type of pipes to have installed can be confusing, and with so many options, it can seem like an impossible choice. Fast Rooter Plumbing is Oahu’s leading plumbing service, providing Hawaiian business and homeowners the latest in plumbing solutions, no matter what type of pipes they have.

Many homeowners are torn between copper and PVC piping. The plumbers at this local plumbing company break down the benefits of each:

  • Copper pipes are used most frequently in modern homes and are the leading option for homeowners. Copper pipes actually increase the value of the home and contain no harmful elements. They are more form fitting than PVC because they are usually smaller in diameter and can be fit into tighter spaces. However, copper can fail in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Additionally, condensation can form inside pipes, which can cause clogged drains.
  • PVC pipes can withstand hotter and colder temperatures, although they are less flame resistant. PVC usually only comes in ½ inch to 2 inch sizes, making them inflexible. PVC is also bulkier and can contribute to water having a slightly plastic aftertaste.

While each substance has its advantages, it is important to consult the plumbing experts at Fast Rooter Plumbing before tackling a leaking pipe or clogged kitchen sink. Contact Oahu’s best plumber for everything from toilet repair, sink repair, and broken pipes. Don’t wait for your copper or PVC pipes to burst. Call (808) 734-4938 for a consultation today. 

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