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Feel Invigorated This Winter With Deep Tissue Massage November 7, 2013

Financial District, Manhattan
Feel Invigorated This Winter With Deep Tissue Massage, Manhattan, New York

With the city in the nadir of another harsh winter, you may be feeling sluggish, stiff and cramped. This can be a common occurrence during this season as we spend a majority of our time indoors, sitting and immobile. Spa 88 can help ease the malaise of daily monotony and dissolve the cabin fever you may be feeling with an extensive list of relaxing and refreshing massage treatments.

Spa 88 offers deep tissue massage, a treatment that targets all layers of muscle ensuring an absorbing and resonating aftereffect and alleviating muscle tension and chronic knots, also known as adhesions.

Stressed muscles can often block the even distribution of oxygen and nutrients, and this can cause inflammation, stiffness, and soreness. Deep tissue massage can break up and eliminate scar tissue from previous injuries, acting as a catalyst to promote healing. To get the maximum effect, guests receiving a deep tissue massage should be properly hydrated before and after the massage, allowing proper blood circulation and complete relaxation.

Unlike Swedish massages, which tend to be lighter and more basic, deep tissue masseurs utilize their elbows, fingers, and ceramic tools to effectively penetrate muscles. The speed and pressure of the strokes are slower and longer than a traditional massage, and troubled areas are usually targeted for extra relief.

After a deep tissue massage, guests head over to the Spa 88 sauna and soak in a warm bath or steam room. This allows your muscles to rest while the warm temperatures help circulate more blood throughout the body. No physical activity should be done within the day of a deep tissue massage.

If you want to dissolve the stiff malaise of the week, or if you feel rigid and sore check out Spa 88 for the deep tissue massage and other spa treatments. Any of Spa 88's services can help you look and feel reinvigorated and refreshed this winter.