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Avantgarde Translations Proudly Announces New Contract With The United States General Services Administration November 7, 2013

Beverly Woods, Charlotte
Avantgarde Translations Proudly Announces New Contract With The United States General Services Administration, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Established in 2004, Avantgarde Translations is the leading language services company offering a wide array of multilingual insight including translation, interpreting, and editing, proofreading, and cultural consulting. This linguistic company focuses on enriching and enhancing multilingual communication by connecting cultural gaps with language. This approach allows Avantgarde Translations to provide customized language solutions that go beyond just flat translations to deliver an effective message for each of their clients.

Avantgarde Translations continues to stay progressive with each of its language services. The company is proud to announce that it has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract. This contract, valid through 2016, will cover a myriad of document translating and interpreting services for The United States General Services Administration, which works to foster an effective, sustainable, and transparent workplace for all American citizens.

The GSA manages a number of government assets including more than 9,600 government-owned or leased buildings, 215,000 vehicles in the federal fleet, and the preservation of historic federal properties. The GSA also provides innovative technology solutions to enhance government efficiency and increase citizen engagement. With so many services and networks of communication, Avantgarde Translations is thrilled to be the main translation and interpretation service for the GSA.

Avantgarde Translations takes pride in its ability to bridge the gaps of communication and culture. The passion for language is demonstrated in an uncompromising focus on accuracy and details, ensuring that any translated material will be presented with clarity. Contact Avantgarde for your language translation services today!

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