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Need a Unique Gift? Discover 3 Artistic Orchid Flower Arrangements July 13, 2016

New York, New York
Need a Unique Gift? Discover 3 Artistic Orchid Flower Arrangements, New York, New York

Orchids have a grace unlike any other flower. Their blooms last for up to several weeks, making them an everlasting reminder of your affection; even more significantly, every orchid is one-of-a-kind. When you want to tell your loved ones you appreciate their unique nature, orchid flower arrangements from Peters Flowers in New York City are simple and elegant.

Here are just a few orchid arrangements that could be the perfect gift for someone who truly stands out in your life:

Splendor In Simplicity 

Flower ArrangementThe Classic Mini Phal orchid flower arrangement is proof that beauty doesn’t need to be lavish. This perfect pink orchid is like a living sculpture —but one that will regrow every year! It’s easy to care for and even comes with orchid food, making it a fantastic present for someone who loves flowers but isn’t necessarily an expert.

Triple The Beauty 

Orchids are a delight to coordinate, as is evinced by the Triple Pleasure. This tranquil living flower arrangement is proof that the only thing better than one orchid is three. Arranged in a rectangular glass container, these orchids are easy to take care of and treasure for years to come. Send this flower arrangement to someone who needs some extra cheer.

Quiet Sophistication

Orchids are naturally dramatic, but not the same way roses are. People who appreciate them tend to appreciate life’s subtle pleasures. Like a solo dancer, the Phalaenopsis in Bowl flower arrangement tugs at your heartstrings in a way you might not understand right away. It’s perfect for the person in your life who appreciates philosophy and depth.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind flower arrangements to give to your loved one, Peters Flowers is the perfect place to look. If you have any questions about their hand-selected floral arrangements, call (212) 819-9000 today. To browse the NYC florist’s selection online, visit their website.