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3 Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency: Insights From a Tomah, WI, Vitamins & Supplements Retailer July 6, 2016

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3 Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency: Insights From a Tomah, WI, Vitamins & Supplements Retailer, Byron, Wisconsin

Those who have problems absorbing vital fats from their diet, or those with certain metabolic disorders that make fat absorption a challenge may suffer from vitamin E deficiency. Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, Wisconsin, is a retailer of vitamins and supplements for customers throughout Monroe County. They proudly carry a full line of vitamins and nutrients, including NOW Foods' vitamin E supplement.

Here Cranberry Country Market shares three signs of vitamin E deficiency.

  • Loose Stools: Loose, greasy stools and chronic diarrhea are frequently-seen indicators of vitamin E deficiency. These are signs that your body is not absorbing fat as it should and that important fatty materials are passing directly into your stool without first being processed by the body. Vitamins and supplements from Cranberry Country Market may help remedy this issue.
  • vitamins and supplementsNeurological Problems: A much more dire consequence of vitamin E deficiency is the potential for neurological problems. Difficulty pronouncing words (dysarthria), an absence of reflexes in the deep tendons, and disjointed or problematic physical movements are all red flags. If you've experienced neurological problems you suspect may be caused by a vitamin E deficiency, see a doctor right away.
  • Anemia: Low vitamin E can cause oxidative damage to red blood cells. When red blood cells are damaged, they are naturally weakened; this is called anemia. Early signs of anemia include tiring or becoming exhausted easily, confusion, and passing out or feeling as if you're about to pass out.

Stop by Cranberry Country Market today to pick up some vitamin E supplements or to view their entire line of vitamins and supplements. You can reach them by phone at (608) 374-4944 or through their website for more information. By knowing the signs of a vitamin E deficiency, you may be able to counteract any serious health problems before they begin.

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