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Blue Ash Ankle Specialists Explain How to Avoid an Ankle Injury July 7, 2016

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Blue Ash Ankle Specialists Explain How to Avoid an Ankle Injury , Blue Ash, Ohio

Ankle sprains are easily one of the most common injuries. Whether you’re an athlete or are simply wearing ill-fitting footwear, one wrong step can lead you to a lot of pain. Thankfully, the expert ankle specialists at Foot and Ankle Specialists in Blue Ash, Ohio, offer the support and treatment you need to heal from an ankle injury.

They say prevention is the best medicine, and this is definitely true when it comes to ankle sprains. Rather than enduring pain in your future, try these tips and tricks from the ankle specialists:

  • Hone Your Balance: Better balance can help you avoid the trips and slips that so often lead to an ankle injury. A simple and effective way to improve your balance is to stand on one foot. Multi-task by doing it while brushing your teeth or watching the news. As you improve, you can graduate to hopping on one foot, standing on a pillow, or closing your eyes.
  • Strengthen Your Ankles: The weaker the muscles around your ankles are, the greater your chance of injury. To build strength, work on ankle exercises. One effective exercise involves moving your foot in every direction while a towel is wrapped around your ankle for resistance.ankle specialist
  • Improve Your Flexibility: Insufficient motion in any area of the body can cause issues; this is especially true of ankles. One way to improve your ankle flexibility is to alternate between pointing your toes out in front of you and flexing your calves while you point your toes toward your head (while sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you).
  • Brace Your Ankles: Many athletes use braces and ankle tape after suffering an ankle sprain, but they also may wear it to prevent one in the future. This has been shown to help reduce the risk of ankle injury.  

For the best foot and ankle specialists who know how to treat everything from hammertoes to ankle sprains, look no further than Foot and Ankle Specialists. To schedule an appointment, call the Blue Ash practice today at (513) 769-4408. For more information, check out their website

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