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HVAC Service Tips: 4 Signs It's Time for a Replacement July 12, 2016

Savage, Scott
HVAC Service Tips: 4 Signs It's Time for a Replacement, Savage, Minnesota

It’s not always easy to tell when you should replace your air conditioning system, but there are a few warning signs that it might be nearing its end. With almost 20 years of experience in heating and cooling services, the technicians at Air Knights Heating & Cooling in Savage, MN, specialize in HVAC service and installation. They recommend adhering to’s guidelines when it comes to replacing your HVAC system.

The following are a few tips for knowing whether it’s time to replace your unit: 

  • Age Matters: Air conditioners that are at least 10 years old probably aren’t energy-efficient models. If your utility bill is high, or if your unit doesn’t cool the way it once did, consider replacing it with a newer, Energy Star efficient model.
  • hvac serviceFrequent Repairs: If you find yourself calling a repair company for HVAC service multiple times a year, it’s a sure sign your unit is nearing the end of its life.
  • Loss Of Function: It’s possible your HVAC unit wasn’t installed properly when this symptom shows, but it’s also possible your air conditioning system can’t handle the strain of cooling every room in your home. Air Knights Heating & Cooling can inspect your system for flaws and fix any issues quickly.
  • Too Noisy: Lots of factors can contribute to a loud or noisy HVAC unit, including problems with the coils or duct system. A technician from Air Knights Heating & Cooling can examine your unit and advise you whether a repair or replacement is better for your situation.

Air Knights Heating & Cooling provides HVAC services for all makes and models, with 24-hour emergency services available. A qualified technician can examine your existing unit and advise you on whether or not it’s the most efficient system for your needs. To schedule an appointment, call Air Knights Heating & Cooling at (651) 338-3020, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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