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Rochester’s Filtration Systems Leaders on the Unbeatable Benefits of Staying Hydrated June 30, 2016

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Rochester’s Filtration Systems Leaders on the Unbeatable Benefits of Staying Hydrated , Henrietta, New York

While it may be easily overlooked or taken for granted, there’s no denying water is absolutely essential to the human body. Though it varies based on weight, climate, and level of activity, it’s recommended that you drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses a day. As part of a Rochester, NY-based water purification and filtration systems company, you can bet the team at Anderson Water Systems is well aware of the importance of hydration. 

Proper hydration has many health benefits, but here, these filtration systems leaders will discuss three of them:

  • Weight Loss: If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, it’s a good idea to drink more water. A growing body of research confirms this, noting that those who drink water before a meal lose weight faster than those who don’t. Essentially, when you’re hydrated, your metabolism is more efficient.
  • drinking systemsDigestion: Being properly hydrated will also help ensure better digestion because fats and fiber will be dissolved better. In effect, you’ll experience less constipation, and the job of other support organs, such as the liver and kidneys, is made much easier. 
  • Kidney Care: The kidneys serve several essential functions in the human body in that they filter and remove waste, help regulate blood pressure, and keep fluid levels balanced. In this sense, these organs ensure that everything is running smoothly, but in order for them to do their work, they need plenty of fresh water.

Clearly, water is absolutely essential to good health, which is why the filtration systems professionals at Anderson Water Systems ensure that their customers have a supply of purified water free of contaminants. To learn more about water filters from this company as well as their standby generator service, check them out online, follow them on Facebook, or call (800) 836-2509.

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