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Why Vinyl Gloves Should Be at the Top of Any Janitorial Supplies List June 29, 2016

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Why Vinyl Gloves Should Be at the Top of Any Janitorial Supplies List, Winchester, Kentucky

If heavy-duty cleaning is part of your job, you know there is no end to the types of messes you may come across. Fortunately, there is only one item you need to protect your hands from most messes — vinyl gloves. According to Rees Office Products, a janitorial supplies store in Winchester, KY, vinyl gloves provide a non-latex alternative that’s not only affordable, but also versatile.

Here are a few reasons why the team at Rees Office Products considers vinyl gloves one of the best options for janitorial supplies:

  • They Are A Safe Alternative To Latex: Latex allergies commonly develop among people who work around the material a lot, like those in the nursing, manufacturing, or janitorial industries. The allergy makes it uncomfortable — and sometimes impossible — for people to wear latex gloves. Vinyl gloves, however, can provide the protection needed without aggravating latex sensitivities.
  • janitorial suppliesThey Are Quick & Easy To Put On: When it comes to janitorial supplies, it’s important that things can be put on quickly, especially in the event of an emergency. Unlike other gloves, vinyl gloves are often powdered and offer a loose fit that makes it very easy for staff to put them on in a snap.
  • They Are Affordable & Easy To Dispose: It’s important for staff to wear gloves that can be easily disposed of after a mess has been cleaned. However, some disposable gloves may seem too costly for one-time-use purposes. Vinyl gloves, on the other hand, are very affordable, making them the ideal choice for those looking for convenient janitorial supplies that can be disposed of without raising concerns over wasted resources.

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Rees Office Products has found that vinyl gloves are a must-have item among their clients. Contact them today at (859) 744-4785 or visit them online to find out more about their wide selection of office and janitorial supplies.

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