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How Are Wells Made? Northeast Wisconsin Well Drilling Experts Explain June 29, 2016

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How Are Wells Made? Northeast Wisconsin Well Drilling Experts Explain, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

If you live in an area without a local water system, chances are you’ll need a well to transport fresh water to your property. Luisier Drilling in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, drills more than 600 wells annually and they know that as a property owner, it’s important you understand what’s being done during the well drilling process.

Water well drilling can be quite an investment, so Luisier Drilling has gotten together a helpful guide to explain each step that’s involved:

  1. Planning: Once you’ve decided to build a well, the professionals from Luisier Drilling will come to your property and discuss the well drilling process with you in detail. Additionally, their experts will assess the proposed site where the well is to be drilled to ensure that it meets all the proper requirements. During your initial consultation, you’ll also need to decide between two different types of wells: one that uses a solid rock formation and another that has a base made of sand or gravel. 
  2. Well DrillingDrilling: During the drilling process, Luisier Drilling uses a specialized drill to bore down into the ground until they reach the water table. This can be anywhere from 25 to several hundred feet, depending on the characteristics of your property. Afterwards, for both solid rock and sand or gravel wells, a steel casing is then installed that is designed to hold the required amount of water.
  3. Installing A Pump: After your well has been drilled, you need a way to get the water from the bottom of the well into your home; this is done with a pumping mechanism. There are several types of well pumps, the use of which are determined by the size and depth of your well.

To learn more about the water well drilling process, visit the Luisier Drilling website and check out their online photo gallery to see the process in action. If you need well drilling in northeast Wisconsin, contact the professionals from Luisier Drilling at (920) 848-5239 today.

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