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Why Should You Buy Insurance Coverage Through an Agent? July 5, 2016

Chinatown, Manhattan
Why Should You Buy Insurance Coverage Through an Agent?, Manhattan, New York

Some buyers think they can get the best insurance rates by avoiding the middleman and purchasing directly from an insurance company. Sun Ray Corp., the premier independent seller of home and business insurance in New York, NY, explains how an insurance broker benefits you and why you should buy insurance through an agent instead of cutting corners. Sun Ray Corp. can help you protect your home, boat, small business, and family by suggesting the right insurance coverage for you at rates you can afford.

Why should you buy insurance through an agent? Here are a few great reasons:

  • business insurancePrice: Surprisingly, agent pricing is often lower than direct pricing. As an independent agent, Sun Ray Corp. can search through multiple insurance company offerings to find the lowest price for the coverage you require. Moreover, insurers tend to provide special pricing to brokers, since they are trained to choose the right type and proper amount of insurance coverage for clients, which tends to reduce claims yet maintain appropriate premium income for the insurer.
  • Experience & Expertise: Choosing the right coverage can be tricky, and an experienced agent can guide you through the procedure and help you avoid pitfalls that might cost you in the long run. They can suggest insurance coverage possibilities you may not have thought about and find discounts you never knew existed.
  • Customer Service: If questions or concerns arise after your policy is in place, a local agent provides the type of personal attention and red carpet customer care that a large company cannot. Instead of struggling with an offshore call center, you can instead deal face-to-face with a local professional who has your best interests at heart.

Sun Ray Corp., the most trusted and experienced home, life, auto, and business insurance agency in New York, NY, takes the time to learn about your needs, discover what is important to you, and suggest ways to protect what you care about in the most affordable way. Visit them online to learn more, or call (212) 732-5280 to speak to a friendly professional about your insurance needs.

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