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Opening your pool June 24, 2016

East Rochester, Monroe
Opening your pool, East Rochester, New York

Time To Wake Up Your Pool!

Pump or siphon all water from cover before attempting to remove it. Use a long- handled net or “leaf rake” to remove leaves and debris. Using a submersible cover pump, pump the water from the cover. (Cover pumps are available at Pettis Pools.) Do not pump the water from the cover into the pool, as it most likely contains bacteria and algae. This can make getting your water ready for the season much more difficult. Carefully remove the cover for cleaning and storage. We hope you got the cover off without spilling any of the leaves and debris into the pool….but if you didn’t, check out our “leaf bagger” tool that you hook up to your garden hose and vacuum pole. It does a great job of getting things out of the bottom of your pool without putting them through the filter. It’s fast too – and it’s available here at Pettis.

Vacuum your pool if needed. If there is a great deal of debris, we recommend that on sand filters, you vacuum to “waste” to avoid putting it back into your filter. NEVER VACUUM ON BACKWASH!!! Vacuum using either the “filter” or the “waste” position.

Fill your pool to the correct water level so that the skimmer can operate properly. Check your filter, hoses, filter media, etc. to make certain that your filter will work effectively. If you have a sand filter, either chemically clean the sand or replace it (preferred by most people with above ground pools). If you’re going to replace the sand, the best time to do so is before you fill the pool. Begin circulating the water. Trouble with your filter pump and/or motor? Yes, we do repairs, with replacement of bearings and seals the most common. The repair is usually completed within 3 to 5 days depending on the time of year. We also carry a complete line of parts, gaskets, impellers, etc. and will give you all the advice we can if you wish to tackle the job yourself. Or, maybe it’s time for a new pump? Yes, we have those too.

Test your water, using new reagents or test strips. Old reagents or test strips could give you a false reading and you may spend your time and money trying to correct a problem that doesn’t exist – or not knowing about a problem that is there. Adjust your pH to 7.2-7.6 first and if possible, the alkalinity should also be tested and adjusted if necessary. Add the algaecide and shock as per the directions in the Opening Kit and let water circulate for 8-12 hours.

Bring in a sample of pool water anytime after that, taken at least 18 inches below the surface, in a clean glass jar or a water sample bottle. A number of tests will be performed using the most advanced water test technology available, and a computerized printout will tell you the condition of your pool water and advise what, if any, corrective measures should be taken to bring your water into balance. There is currently no charge for this service at our water test center. We cannot guarantee our results for any brands other than poolife®, Baquacil®, Ultima®, FROG® or EZ Pool® as our software is designed based on the quality of the products we carry.

If you are using Chlorine as a sanitizer, do not add stabilizer until your water is tested and the results show that you really need it.

Too little stabilizer (also called conditioner) will result in loss of chlorine to the ultraviolet rays of the sun; too much could reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine.

Once your pool water is properly adjusted, follow regular maintenance procedures and enjoy!

If you ever do have a problem, we are here to help. Maintaining a pool is easy if you get off to a good start. HAPPY SWIMMING!

If you have any questions specific to your pool or filter, please give us a call or come in to see us. We are always glad to help!

For more information on why you should purchase your pool chemicals from a pool professional, check out our blog post at: http://pettispools.com/blog/hot-tubs-and-spas/why-you-should-purchase-your-pool-chemicals-from-pool-professionals

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