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Private Tutors vs. Small Group Classes: One of Basking Ridge's Leading Tutoring Centers Weighs In June 30, 2016

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Private Tutors vs. Small Group Classes: One of Basking Ridge's Leading Tutoring Centers Weighs In, Bernards, New Jersey

When it comes to your child's education, you want the best. That's why Crawford Academics is here. As one of Basking Ridge, New Jersey's foremost tutoring centers, they provide a full selection of homework help and test prep services, all designed to give your child the best chances for academic success.

Many parents wonder about the differences between a private tutor and a small group learning atmosphere. Here, Crawford Academics discusses these differences and the advantages of each learning environment.

A Private Tutor

Private tutoring provides one-on-one instruction that is tailored to the unique needs of the student. With private tutoring, a student can focus more precisely on areas that need improvement, and the tutor can customize lesson plans that target those areas. While a private tutor may cost a little more, their personalized approach may be well worth the extra cost.

imageSmall Group Classes

There's something to be said for the social element of group learning. Small groups foster relationships as well as academics, creating a fun and engaging learning environment. In fact, studies have shown that learning in small groups can be much more effective than a standard lecture-style approach to a large class of students. Though you won't get the individualized attention of a private tutor, you will have the advantages of valuable interpersonal relationships and idea-sharing.

Call Crawford Academics at (908) 647-9320 to sign your child up for a private tutor, homework help, or test prep services. You can also visit them online to learn more about each of their education options. Tutoring and small group instruction both offer some unique benefits to students; consider the needs of your child to figure out which type of learning atmosphere will best help them soar.

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