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Tips for Summer Pest Extermination & Control: Bees & Wasps July 5, 2016

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Tips for Summer Pest Extermination & Control: Bees & Wasps, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

This summer, you’re undoubtedly going to experience bees and wasps flying around your garden, buzzing around your porch, or encircling your garbage cans. Bee and wasp extermination sprays and natural tactics can be used to keep these harmful insects away from your home—plus you can do it yourself. Additionally, pest management professionals, such as Guarantee Pest Control in Lexington, KY, specialize in pest extermination and can eliminate these pests for you.

For personal removal, there are a few options. Here’s a short list of several ways in which you can take care of your bee and wasp problem yourself:​​​​​​

  • Maintain Your Home: Covering crevices in the walls of your home and keeping an eye on the corners of your porches and roof can help to be preventative. Bees and wasps like to build hanging nests and nests in places that provide support already. The corner intersection of beams on a porch is a great example. By constantly looking for even a small development of a nest, you can eliminate it before it expands or call an expert immediately.
  • pest exterminationRepel Them From Certain Areas: There are many natural deterrents that one can use to keep wasps and bees out of certain areas so that they stay out of your way. In gardens, cucumber peels can be scattered around to let you garden in peace—plus, you get some extra fertilization. Also, citronella candles and pungent powders (such as garlic) can be used in areas that you want free of bees and wasps. 
  • Spray Pesticides: This is a widely used tactic, but can also be dangerous. Spraying chemicals around your home can endanger children or your gardening—make sure to take all recommended precautions when using these sprays. However, you can also consult with a bee and wasp extermination specialist that will identify the right type of spray and handle the job with a professional’s expertise. 

While it’s always tempting to do these small tasks by yourself, sometimes it’s best to have a professional safely and effectively remove your pest problem. Guarantee Pest Control specializes in tactical bug extermination, and can help you eliminate any unwelcome insect activity this summer. For more information on how to get professional pest extermination services brought to your home, visit their website or call (859) 254-2076.

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